Sales Rep Registration Form

Salesperson Agreement

Agreement is made between (The independent contractor) and
Caribbean Link/Jamaica Place Inc., (The Company) a Corporation
located at 1344 East Gunhill Rd., Bronx, NY 10469, under the
following provisions. The Independent Contractor agrees to
contract his services as an Independent Contractor to the
Company as follows:

As an Independent Contractor, I will be responsible for payment
of any federal and state payroll and self-employment taxes
attributable to payments received for services performed by
me for and will not be considered an employee for federal
or state payroll tax purposes. The services to be provided
will be a independent sales activities.

I am not working under any supervision by the Company and
will set my own work hours and routine.

I will provide my own materials, tools, and equipment, and
will expect no reimbursement for any out-of-pocket expenses
incurred by me in the performance of my services.

I will provide the services normally provided by an independent

All sales must be carried out in accordance with the the company’s
policies and procedures in respect of credit policy and and
customer service.

All sales must be completed in accordance with the company’s
latest price listing. Any price variation is to be agreed
by the company in advance.

I will provide these services in The United states Of America

I will perform services at the set fee of:
i. 10 % of collected sales revenues net of any returns on
Sales up to $4,999 weekly
ii. 12% of collected sales revenues net of any returns on
sales in excess of $4,999 wekly.
iii. Compensation on price-varied sales will be negotiated
with the company.

9. Compensation paid by company check mailed at the end of
the established 2 weekly pay period.

5. This Agreement is effective until one of the parties gives
written notice of termination. A 15 day period of notice by
either party is required to terminate or ammend this agreement.

This Agreement is effective as of the date written above and
continues until terminated by either party