Ca$hlink affords individuals the opportunity to purchase convenient, no-hassle packaged Caribbean products and re-sell to friends, family, colleagues and co-workers on a weekly basis.

Ca$hlink Distributors easily earn an extra $300-$800 week after week since most of the items are repeat products demanded by most households week after week.

There are no sign up/registration fees or sales kits to purchase. Ca$hlink Distributors simply purchase the quantity of product they need and sell to friends, family, colleagues and co-workers right away. Products are priced so that distributors can earn at least 33.3%margins and up to 60% in some cases. Ca$hlink is not a ‘get rich quick scheme’ but allows ordinary people to earn several hundred dollars each week selling Caribbean products.

There are also a number of exciting Ca$hlink Rewards

  1. A $200 Ca$hlink bonus for each new distributor recruited to the network (bonus is paid on first calendar month end after $600 purchase is attained)
  2. Ca$hlink Commission of 1.5% of recruit’s purchases paid to recruiter on a monthly basis. (Both recruit and recruiter have to achieve $600 monthly sales for commission to be paid. )
  3. Annual Distributor Awards Function.
  4. Free Trips to the Caribbean for top distributors annually.
  5. Participation in Caribbean Link promotional activities
  6. Various incentive based activities held throughout the year