Coconut Water

What is coconut water?
Coconut water (or juice) is an all natural potion, rich in electrolytes and carbohydrates as well as restorative amino acids, which help boost and maintain energy levels. This divine liquid forms in young coconuts as the coconut tree combines the nutrients in the rich soils with the crisp Caribbean air under the vivifying Jamaican sunshine. The result is a tasty, exotic beverage with excellent oral rehydration properties, a natural thirst quencher and energy booster.The coconut tree has long been hailed as the “Tree of life” and coconut water is truly nature’s gift.

Who drinks it?
•  Coconut water has been the drink of choice in many tropical countries where the energy draining effect of the year long summer sunshine is unsparing.
•  People in the tropics regularly consume this beverage not only to quench thirst but it is also administered to infants to treat dehydration symptoms caused by GI infections.
•  Excellent hangover remedy since it is rich in natural electrolytes, sugars and amino acids.
•  Athletes also find it an effective sport drink to fight off dehydration and increase their performance.
•  It has long been used as mixer for rum and scotch cocktails and imparts authentic Caribbean flavor notes.

Why drink Nature Field® Coconut WaterBeneficial properties?
The list of touted benefits of coconut water is long and far ranging. Below is just a few of its amazing properties:
•  Excellent source of electrolytes, especially potassium (K+) which helps with cardiovascular health *
•  A natural diuretic when taken in high doses
•  It is cholesterol free and may help to increase HDL (good) cholesterol levels
•  Trans fat free
•  Low calories per serving
•  Naturally contains amino acids including arginine

* American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 83, No. 6, 1289-1296, June 2006

This product cannot be compared to any of the other brands of coconut water which are packaged in either cans or pouches. There is little similarity in taste and other properties. Most other brands contain either pasteurized or micro filtered coconut water. Pasteurized coconut water is heated, which causes changes in taste and bioactivity, while micro filtered water although not heated, also lacks in original taste and sometimes contains added flavoring to compensate.

•  True to nature coconut water Nature Field pure coconut water contains no additives or preservatives. It is not heat treated or micro filtered. No pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers or harsh synthetic chemicals are ever used on the coconut trees we harvest.Water from specially selected coconuts is hygienically extracted, coarse filtered, bottled, and quickly frozen. This simple procedure ensures original flavor, nutritional content and bioactivity are unaltered. We neither add to nor remove from nature’s formula. There is only one ingredient in this product, pure coconut water. We rely only upon the years of experience our Jamaican farmers use to consistently grow and harvest coconuts with unique flavour and nutritional profiles. Due to minor natural variations in the composition of coconut water, no two coconuts taste exactly the same.

•  How is it preserved if it is not treated?
Pure coconut water is naturally sterile but once extracted from the coconut any lengthy exposure to oxygen and heat causes onset of spoilage resulting in an acidic flavor. In order to keep all the faculties of the water in tact, it is shipped and stored at -18°C in the frozen state. This allows a shelf life of 6 months. Once thawed it must be kept at or below 4°C/40°F, and must be consumed within 10 days after thaw.

Try a bottle of Nature Field pure coconut water and experience the source of the Caribbean people’s vitality and energy.

Case size: 30 x 475 ml bottles (Frozen)

Interesting facts:
In the Vietnam War coconut water helped to save lives of soldiers. When blood plasma supplies were low or unavailable, coconut water was administered to injured soldiers as a substitute. This was (and still is) possible due to the isotonic nature of coconut water, meaning it is able to exist in an osmotic balance with the blood and body without adversely affecting pH or other biochemical attributes.